Logitech Harmony 650

The Logitech Harmony 650 is a newer addition to the Harmony series. It is by far, the best value for money remote you can buy, because it has all of the major necessary features needed in a universal remote. Like every Harmony series remote the Logitech 650 comes with full compatibility with over 200000 devices from 5000 brands, the full list can be found at https://support.myharmony.com/en-us/compatibility . This is very important because the last thing you want is to spend a good amount of money on a remote that can’t sync with your current devices.

The Harmony 650 runs on IR signaling and not RF. This has two consequences, one, you can’t use the remote through walls or from anywhere, it must be pointing to the device, and two, you can’t use it to control devices that run on RF signals or Wi-Fi. The Sony PS4 is a RF device, and so you can’t use the Harmony 650 to control it, however you can buy a relatively inexpensive adaptor that is specifically made for the PS4 to pick up IR signals from the Harmony remote. The XBOX One however doesn’t  need this as it already runs on IR signaling.



Compatibility is often the biggest question that get’s asked about universal remotes so if you don’t want to check out the official link above here is a quick list of common devices compatibility:

  • Sound bars? Yes
  • Roku 2 & 3? Yes
  • Can replace HDMI switchers? Yes
  • Mac Compatibility? Yes

In-fact almost any remote that is IR based can be replaced with the Harmony 650. Since the Harmony 650 has a learning algorithm, and can “learn” and remember different device frequencies. This is how you add devices to it. All of this will be explained in the manual. It has a maximum capacity of 8 devices at once and It takes 45 minutes on the original set-up to get everything running after which it’s smooth sailing. However, you WILL need internet and a computer to set it up, this is not hard though, and is all in the user manual. Go to Amazon.com to check user ratings, and get the latest price for this unit. 


Button Layout

It has 5 programmable buttons at the top, each of which can be programmed to a specific action like “play DVD in DVD player on TV” “Turn on TV” “Turn on TV with surround sound” etc… In addition to these buttons there is a 1 inch by 1 inch LCD screen that has programmable channel icons, so you can bring all your favorite channels to the front screen for quick access, you can also use buttons to scroll through the screen to reach even more channels. The screen itself however, is not touch operated, you will have to buy the Harmony Ultimate for that.

Other useful features include motion sensor in the remote so when you leave it on the sofa it automatically will go in standby. This will save a lot of battery power. The remote has backlit buttons as well for ease of use at night, and runs on AA batteries, non-rechargeable. However each pair of AAs will last you for several months so it’s not too expensive to use them.



In terms of design we found the remote to be excellent, light weight, shaped to fit in the hand and with sculpted buttons so you can easily locate the play, stop and rewind buttons without even looking. Overall it has a solid build and is large enough so you won’t lose it easily.


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