Logitech Harmony Ultimate

The Logitech Harmony Ultimate, with a name like that you would expect a lot from a product. And this one surely delivers. The Harmony Ultimate is IR, RF, Bluetooth AND Bluetooth. So basically everything. This remote has a massive 270000 device compatibility and can be synced with up to 15 devices at a time. This is the end all of universal remotes. If you have a large entertainment system, you NEED to get this remote. Nothing else will do.



As mentioned before with a features list like that, this remote is obviously highly compatible and well worth the price tag. You can run it with your Apple TV, PS4, XBOX One, Sound Bars, AV receiver, Cable Box, BluRay, anything you can throw at it. For most of the devices it will automatically detect and sync, but for some remotes you may have to manually reprogram the remote. All of this is detailed in Logitech’s official site as well as forums online.



This remote comes with a “hub” it controls the devices via the hub, much like a gateway. It can control up to 15 devices, save up to 50 favorite channels at a time, and more. One of the best features of the Harmony Ultimate is the responsive 2.5 inch LCD touch screen colour display. This makes life a lot easier. You can program advanced sequence commands into single buttons which can be placed on the display screen. So you can run a certain movie, or flip to a certain channel, or activate a certain sound profile on your sound system with one touch.  It can even control things like windows media center on your PC via Wi-Fi if that is how you watch your TV. The screen can be tapped and swiped as well much like a smart phone and these gestures can be programmed to perform certain actions. Click here to read more detailed features and check the latest price.

It comes with a rechargeable battery along with the cradle to place it in for recharging. And you can control it interchangeably from an App on your iPhone or Android phone. The Wi-Fi feature makes it easier to connect to the PC without the use of USB and you can program it as well as update and change settings for the remote.













The Harmony Ultimate has a very aesthetic design, it’s curves and sleekness are easy on the eyes, and truly harmonious. It’s shape makes it very easy to hold, and the bottom part is made from a grip material that makes it rest much better in your hands. Despite the heavy number of features, the remote is actually fairly light, yet still sturdy. And the button lay out is dispersed well and not cluttered one bit. The touch screen can be thanked for this, as less buttons are needed with it available. And the touch screen itself is very clear, colorful and responsive to the touch. Overall it’s a wonderfully designed remote and definitely another reason for why the price tag is high.


The Verdict

We know that the price tag for this remote is a little higher. The question is do the features justify it? And we think they surely do. Especially if you have a newer home entertainment setup or a large one, you will be able to draw on more of the functionality of this remote to really create as streamlined and optimal control system that saves time and energy. We recommend this remote only if you want to buy the best universal remote. Find out the latest prices, user reviews and ratings for the Harmony Ultimate from Amazon.com.

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