One cool feature in modern universal remotes it the touch screen, on the the actual remote. It looks very cool and is actually very functional as well, not just a gimmick. It’s mostly on the Logitech Harmony series, and the best touch screen from those is that of the Harmony Ultimate, being larger, more responsive and having more options than the rest. We think it’s an excellent add on, as it really clears up the remote from unnecessary buttons that give it the “cluttered” look. Instead there are just a few simple buttons, and a touch screen in the middle. So what can be done with this touch screen? How can you use it?

You can control everything basically right from the touch screen, you can start the Xbox One for example, switch on a DVD, and so on. It’s very handy to have it all in one place. Also in most models the touch screen itself is adjustable, so you can pick and choose which “soft button” goes where. It’s very responsive, much like a smartphones screen.

The commands on the screen are also programmable. Programmability is one of the cool benefits of universal remotes. You can essentially command advanced commands all in one button press. For example instead of turning on your tv, switching it to AVI, turning in your DVD player, inserting a DVD, then pressing play. You can preprogram all these actions in one soft-button on the touch screen and name it “play DVD” so when you come in and pick up the remote, you just press “play DVD” and everything happens automatically, the TV starts, the DVD starts, and you can just watch the DVD.  We will talk about the cool feature of programmability in a future article. It’s basically an advanced feature that simplifies the overall experience.

Overall we would definitely recommend getting a universal remote that includes the touch screen feature, not only are they better built over all. But if you have anything like a sound system, a DVD player or a gaming console, you’re better off with one of these as they work on all devices at the same time. It is still better than having a universal remote for a TV and then another remote for the DVD player. If you only need a remote for your TV though, then this feature may be a unnecessary, and it does come at a higher price. So in that case you can stick to one of the simple remotes, we covered some of the best affordable universal remotes in another article.